Acrylic Wall Panels

If you are looking for an alternative to standard tiles for your kitchen backsplash or bathroom walls, we heartily suggest the wonderful alternative of acrylic wall panels. Toronto’s Akrylikas specializes in the use of acrylic material in various applications, one of them being wall panels designed mainly for use in bathroom, shower or kitchen settings. Acrylic is a widely versatile and durable material that has many benefits, which makes it ideal for high traffic areas that experience lots of contact with a variety of substances.


Akrylikas is a high gloss, solid acrylic material that comes in a variety of colours. It is an easy, affordable and exciting way to inject energy into any room or living space without sacrificing any of the functional benefits of more traditional materials. The unique high gloss and brilliant colours that are possible with acrylic makes it an appealing option for all types of usage, large or small—it is definitely a material that will catch your eye and turn heads.

Acrylic is light and easy to handle, making it ideal for large applications such as wall panels. Acrylic is also easily fabricated with standard woodworking tools—it can be cut, drilled and altered on site, allowing for maximum flexibility. This makes acrylic wall panels much easier to install than their ceramic tile counterparts; on average, a typical acrylic wall panel installation takes about one third of the time.

Another benefit of acrylic is its durability. Akrylikas is highly resistant to shower or glass cleaners, making it an ideal option for wall panels in bath or shower walls, or in kitchen backsplashes. The non–stick, moisture resistant surface is hygienic and will not harbor mold or soap buildup. This makes it suitable for areas such as showers and kitchens, where other materials suffer from bacterial growth and buildup.

Acrylic is also a material that is designed for longevity. Acrylic will not swell, crack or distort from normal household use; the material will not chip or peel, and the colour is integrated throughout the material and not just on the surface. The malleability of the material makes it easy to repair minor dents or scratches simply with sandpaper, making it ideal for wall panels in high traffic areas. Acrylic is a wonderful, innovative material and we are pleased to be able to implement our own Akrylikas into the homes of our clients through various applications. Acrylic wall panels are one application that is perfectly suited for its material qualities, allowing the style and function of Akrylikas to truly shine. We hope that you will consider acrylic and Akrylikas when it comes to improving the look and function of your home.


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