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For the finest bathroom acrylic vanities in Toronto, look no further than Akrylikas. The goal of Akrylikas is to provide the best acrylic materials available anywhere on the market. Our team has worked hard to ensure that the quality of our products meets and surpasses the high expectations of our customers. After countless hours of intensive research and experimentation by our engineering staff, we were able to come up with our own original high gloss solid acrylic material. This acrylic is named Akrylikas, the same as our company.


Akrylikas in manufactured here in Toronto to the highest standards and specifications possible; this means that in both aesthetics and function, our acrylic material is unmatched in its capabilities. Aesthetically, Akrylikas boasts magnificent colour and gloss that gives it a superb visual appearance; this solid colour and high gloss is prevalent on both sides of the material, allowing for maximum flexibility and application possibilities. The application of Akrylikas results in clean lines, sleek surfaces and contemporary style that immediately grabs your attention. In functional terms, Akrylikas is highly durable and resistant to moisture, making it an ideal material for high traffic areas with a wide variety of contacts.. Acrylic is also very easy to repair and maintain—the material will not warp, crack or stain from normal household activities, and any dents or scratches can be easily fixed in order to restore the surface to a like-new state.

Acrylic vanities are a great way to inject a burst of energy into areas of the home in need of some life. Something as simple as a new acrylic piece in the bathroom can give the space a new central focus, make the space feel more complete, bring in elements of surprise and playfulness, and add functionality that wasn’t available before. Akrylikas is available in a range of designer colours, allowing for a wide variety of options when it comes to mixing and matching acrylic pieces to a room. Acrylic has 25 times greater impact strength than an equivalent glass panel, making it a durable material that is built to last. Acrylic is also ideal for use in bathroom vanities, as the material is hygienic and does not promote bacterial growth and transmission. Simply put, acrylic bathroom vanities developed by Akrylikas will be sure to improve any space with its sleek, modern aesthetics. If your bathroom needs an injection of unique style and design, then Akrylikas may be the perfect fit—contact us today and see what Akrylikas can do for you.


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