Increasingly, business owners are looking to improve the style, function and durability of in–store materials by installing acrylic store fixtures and acrylic signage and displays from Toronto’s Akrylikas. From small objects such as acrylic shoe shelves or sign holders, to large ones like signage or storefront displays, acrylic has become a popular and affordable option for all kinds of businesses. The nature of acrylic has many benefits that make it perfectly suited for use in retail and business sites, either as shelves to hold items or as attention grabbing displays. For signage and display usage, acrylic is an excellent option—the material is lightweight and easy to handle and install, and it comes in a wide range of rich, and eye–catching colours. Akrylikas is also a very workable material—it can be forged and profiled into circular shapes, giving businesses ample options when it comes to the shape, size and overall design of their store displays.


Store fixtures are also a great way to utilize acrylic in a business or retail environment. Akrylikas is highly durable, moisture resistant and easily repairable, making it an ideal option for use in shelves, holders or brackets. Unlike paint, wood or vinyl, acrylic store fixtures will not chip or peel like paint; this gives the material an edge in durability that is crucial in high traffic, heavy use areas. Akrylikas is a very strong material that can carry substantial loads while keeping its shape—it has 25 times the impact strength of its glass panel equivalent. For any minor scratches that occur, the material can be repaired by sanding over the imperfection—a quick fix that can saves lots of time and money. Akrylikas provides the look of glass, but without the installation restrictions and high cost.

Finally, acrylic is easy to maintain and clean, a benefit for both store fixtures and displays. The material is hygienic and rejects bacterial growth or transmission, making it suitable for use in areas where lots of customers will interact or come into contact with the material.

If you are interested in equipping your business with acrylic signage or acrylic store fixtures, Toronto’s Akrylikas will be glad to help. Let us know what you’re looking for and what you have envisioned for your business, and we will do everything in our power to make it a reality.


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