Acrylic (Antibacterial) Medical Furniture

Acrylic Dental Office Furniture Akrylikas—our own original high gloss solid acrylic material—is a perfect fit for use in the medical or dental industry. With Akrylikas, acrylic antibacterial medical furniture and acrylic dental office furniture has never been more functional, stylish or affordable. Such is the versatility of acrylic that the material is suitable for commercial applications in addition to residential applications; the functional benefits of Akrylikas makes it an ideal option for many business types, especially those in the health sector.


For businesses such as dental offices and medical centres, there is a high priority placed on cleanliness and the ability of materials to reject bacterial attachment or growth. Since these types of businesses are dedicated to keeping people healthy, the cleanliness of the premises must be of the utmost priority—nobody would trust a doctor or dentist with less than a pristine office. The high turnover of patients and resulting traffic is a regular feature of medical centres and dental offices. Consequently, the furniture must be made from a material that can withstand and resist bacteria growth extremely well. This is where the use of acrylic medical or dental furniture, developed by Akrylikas, answers the need.

Akrylikas is a material that is highly durable, non-porous, moisture resistant and easy to maintain. These attributes make it excellent for use on medical premises; the material is able to resist adhesion and buildup that may stem from contact with substances and can be easily cleaned and maintained. By eliminating bacterial growth, rejecting mold and preventing potential toxic buildup, the use of acrylic surfaces in medical or dental offices can help ensure that those work areas remain hygienic for both the medical professionals and the patients. The insensitivity, durability and longevity of Akrylikas is also an additional benefit that is especially well suited for the medical sector. Akrylikas will not chip or peel like wood or vinyl, and since the colour is infused throughout the material—and not just the surface— any scratches or dents will be less apparent. Any of those imperfections can also be easily repaired by sanding, either by hand or by machine, as necessary. This gives acrylic furniture the durability it needs to excel in business properties with high traffic and heavy usage.

Akrylikas is delighted to have our products used in a context that maximizes the material’s benefits and benefits the community. If your business is interested in the benefits provided by acrylic, then don’t hesitate to let us know. Your support will go a long way towards our goal to be a premier provider of acrylic dental office and acrylic antibacterial medical furniture in Toronto.


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