Acrylic Custom Closets

Akrylikas is delighted to be creating some of the most unique and fantastic acrylic custom closets in Toronto. Although acrylic probably isn’t the first material that comes to mind for those looking to install a custom closet in their home, the stylistic and functional benefits of acrylic makes it a great fit for organizing and storing clothes, shoes and jewelry.

Firstly, Akrylikas is an eye–catching, attention grabbing material that comes in bright, rich colour tones with a high gloss surface. This makes the material perfect for those looking to make a statement with their custom closet—the use of acrylic will give the closet a modern, sleek look that will perfectly compliment the clothes and shoes that inhabit within. Using Akrylikas in a custom closet is an easy, affordable and exciting way to inject energy into an area that will experience frequent use.

Acrylic is light and easy to handle, making it ideal for structures such as custom closets. The nature of acrylic makes it easy to adjust and alter to one’s wishes— it can be cut, drilled and altered with standard woodworking tools, allowing for maximum flexibility. Since Akrylikas can be forged and profiled into various shapes and sizes, depending on the need, it makes for an ideal material for construct drawers and shelves in a closet.

The durability of acrylic is also an important reason why it is a great option for custom closets. Due to the high usage of closets and the amount of individual items that is contained within, custom closets must be designed to be able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with items getting constantly moved about, something that gradually takes toll on the surface of the material. Akrylikas is an exceptionally durable material—it is commonly used in the kitchen or bathrooms, so it will function superbly as a building material for a closet, which does not undergo similar amounts of contact with substances. Acrylic is easy to clean and maintain, and also easy to repair should minor scratches or dents appear—the imperfections can be sanded down quickly and effectively.

Custom closets are a great way to add value to your property, all while maximizing the usage, function and style of one of the more personal spaces in a home. Make your vision become reality today with acrylic custom closets by Toronto’s Akrylikas—creating the closet of your dreams has never been easier.