Acrylic is a wonderfully versatile material that can be utilized in many applications—from acrylic boat furniture to acrylic wet bars, Toronto’s Akrylikas has been working tirelessly to provide our customers with the best acrylic material on the market that is functional, stylish, and applicable in a multitude of situations. Our own high gloss, solid acrylic material—Akrylikas—is the result of countless hours dedicated to the notion of creating something different from the norm. With Akrylikas, we believe that the benefits of the material will open up more options and possibilities in architecture, design and other related fields that were simply not plausible or affordable with traditional materials.

Akrylikas is a truly innovative material that combines both style and functionality in a manner that makes it suitable for many situations and applications. The benefits of acrylic are numerous and are especially appropriate for high traffic, heavy usage areas such as boat furniture or wet bars. Firstly, the material is moisture resistant, hygienic and highly durable—it does not promote bacterial growth or mold buildup, and is easy to maintain and clean. This makes the material ideal for boat furniture, where contact with liquids and foreign substances occur regularly. Akrylikas will not crack, warp or distort under normal use, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas, such as a wet bar. If any dents or minor scratches do appear, they are easier fixed due to the nature of the product—the simple use of sandpaper or any equivalent materials will make the surface look new again after a quick application. Akrylikas is also stylish and has great visual appeal—the high gloss and bright colours that are possible with acrylic makes it an appealing option that will certainly draw attention and reinvigorate any area in need of some energy. Acrylic boat furniture or wet bars will boast clean lines, sleek surfaces and rich colours, all while maintaining the benefits afforded by the material. Additionally, the material can be forged and profiled into various shapes and sizes with ease—it can be altered using standard woodworking tools, making it ideal for customization.

For acrylic wet bars or acrylic boat furniture in Toronto, Akrylikas has the knowledge, expertise and skill required to create the perfect solution for your needs. Our specialization in the material and its benefits puts us in the best position possible to help our customers maximize the versatility, style and function of the material. If the idea of using acrylic materials in your next project interests you, then contact Akrylikas today—you won’t be disappointed at the results.