• Available in a range of designer colors
• Superior flatness and exceptional high gloss surface
• 100% UV stability (limited colours)
• 100% fully recyclable
• Lighter and easier to handle than equivalent glass panels
• 25 times greater impact strength than equivalent glass panels
• Will not chip or peel like paint, vinyl or wood
• The color is integrated into the product, not a spray painted finish
• Minor scratches can be easily repaired
• It is easily fabricated with standard woodworking tools and suitable for simple thermoforming, bending and gluing
• Acrylic is inert and ultra hygienic and does not promote bacterial growth or transmission.


Acrylic is the original and best quality high gloss solid material available.
It is the high tech material that has the look of glass yet does not have the installation restrictions and high cost of equivalent glass panels.
Acrylic is manufactured to the highest possible specifications which means that solid colour runs all the way through and the high gloss is on both sides.


Conventional furniture is only protected by a thin layer of varnish, laminate, film or veneer. Even minor dents can have dire consequences. Such furniture swells when it comes into contact with water and suffers irreparable damage. Acrylic will not crack, warp, shatter, stain or distort from normal commercial or household activities. If you get any scratches with time you can polish the material using very fine grades of wet and dry sandpaper by hand or by machine where necessary and get a brand new looking surface again. It will maintain it’s superior surface gloss and performance with minimal cleaning for years to come.


Providing a sleek and modern finish, Acrylic is a simple, fast and cost effective way to give your reception, foyer, kitchen, bathroom, bar and recreation area or boardroom, a new designer or updated look! Designing interiors means working with shape, colour and surface texture. Acrylic range offers a vast array of innovative options to highlight the room‘s architecture. Everything goes, from exclusive décors in stores and boutiques to impressive offices in banks, and inviting areas in hotels and restaurants. Its insensitivity makes Acrylic excellently suited for the medical sector too.
Acrylic provides the design features that turn heads - whether in commercial or residential applications. Modern technology means that you can have the high gloss glass panel look at a
fraction of the time and cost.


Acrylic is available in XXmm thick across a range of XX standard colours and X sheet sizes. It can also be cut and shaped in-house according to your needs


Acrylic is designed to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. Acrylic consists only of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen and is 100% recyclable and Acrylic will only consume around 10% of the original energy consumption during recycling - in contrast to glass, which requires more than 60% of its original energy consumption during recycling. Acrylic manufacturing process does not release any harmful emissions to air, land or water. Acrylic is hygienic and does not promote bacterial growth or transmission making it ideal for food outlets, high traffic areas and public spaces.