Acrylic is a hard synthetic high quality plastic that can be used for anything from drawer and cupboard fronts to wall cladding. Its unique properties make it a remarkably versatile surfacing material, that’s superior to granite, marble, wood and glass in terms of functionality, quality, design, cost and maintenance. With its unique and revolutionary structure acrylic is very difficult to damage, and unlike wood it doesn't chip. In addition, since the colour is integrated into the product rather then just a thin top layer, the surface can’t peal.

Conventionally furniture is protected by a thin layer of film, varnish or veneer and even minor scrapes can have serious consequences. Once the thin protective layer has been scratched off something like a water spill can cause serious damage. Acrylic on the other hand is completely waterproof; this is because of its non-porous surface. Acrylic will not crack, warp, shatter, chip, stain or distort from normal commercial or household activities. Any scratches that are on the surface can be repaired; by using very fine grades of sandpaper you can restore the surface to look brand new. That combined with the fact that it doesn't promote mould growth make it the perfect material for bathrooms and kitchens.

Acrylic is extremely versatile when it comes to design flexibility, available many colours it can be made to match any room or style. Because of its high gloss properties it’s most often used to create modern cabinets, high gloss solid acrylic doors, high gloss wall panels and high gloss kitchen doors. Those properties combined with its lightness and impact strength make it perfect for a project you may have in mind. Because of its versatility acrylic can be used for virtually every panel in a home, this includes acrylic doors, acrylic cabinet doors, acrylic wall panels and acrylic kitchen doors. Panels are available in thickness's from as thin as a few millimetres all the way to 18 mm of solid acrylic, in any colour or shape.

Acrylic is easy to clean, since it has no pores in its surface, stains and dirt have nowhere to get stuck to, meaning that maintaining a spotless acrylic counter is as simple as occasionally wiping it.

If properly installed, acrylic can last you many years longer then any other surface material, and even after years of use the it wont show any signs of aging. Even if the surface is scratched, a simple fine sanding and polishing will make it look brand new.

Acrylic is designed to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. Consisting of only oxygen, carbon and hydrogen it only requires around 10% of the original energy consumption during recycling, which is much lower when compared to glass and wood, which both require %60 of the original energy consumption to be recycled. Its strength, durability, lightness, cost, high polished and presentable look and recycle ability are what have made acrylic the most popular surfacing material, and with so many options available we are certain you will find the one that’s perfect for you.